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Laura Perricone is the author of several children's and young adult novels. She was the recipient of the Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching Economics. Her books have received superb reviews and commendations from standout members of the business community, including legendary philanthropist Gus A. Stavros, of the Stavros Center of Free Enterprise and Economic Education. Laura has completed 2 works in her “Entrepreneur Series”, 6th Grade Entrepreneurs and 8th Grade C-E-Oh! The books she has created for elementary and middle-school age children serve to educate children from a young age regarding the wisdom of understanding business and general personal finance.

The innovative approach exposes children to important concepts of the free-enterprise system, economics, personal finance, and the importance of career choices through a plot and characters young people can relate to. They learn about entrepreneurship in the form of age-appropriate business model conception, development, and implementation. The project in 6th Grade Entrepreneurs offers children the opportunity to become inculcated with inspiration and knowledge that can be adapted to also raise funds for their schools through their efforts.

Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching Economics

"I believe 6th Grade Entrepreneurs will get students involved in their economic education and even inspire some to become successful entrepreneurs!"

"It is up to educators, along with partners in the business community to equip students with the tools they'll need to become successful participants in the global marketplace. One such resource is 6th Grade Entrepreneurs which is comprehensive and versatile."

"Today, the need for Financial Literacy is paramount."

"The economics project described in the book may also serve as a model that teachers can implement in their classrooms."

Gus A Stavros,
Entrepreneur, civic Leader and philanthropist

School Visits & Readings

The school or class visit is tailored to meet your students' needs depending on grade level and purpose of the visit. The following information will be helpful in determining the focus at the various levels.

School Visit for Grades 4 – 8 What is Entrepreneurship? What do I do if I have a ‘bright idea'? Award winning author of the Entrepreneur Series shares her unique story of how and why she wrote 6th Grade Entrepreneurs and 8th Grade C-E-Oh! Students will be inspired and motivated to put what they learn into practice today as she shares stories of entrepreneurs as young as 9 years old who have become successful in today's economy.

School Visit for Grades 1 – 8 What Do Writers Do All Day? Laura relates childhood stories that answer commonly asked questions about how she began writing, where ideas come from and what writers do all day! She provides strategies for becoming a better writer and encourages students to think of themselves as writers.

Class Visit for Pre-K (One class or two small classes combined) The visit consists of a brief introduction focusing on the names and characteristics of Primary and Secondary colors. A reading of “What Color, Quilly?” followed by a brief Q and A session and recap.

Class Visit for K – 2 (One class or two small classes combined) The visit consists of a brief introduction that inspires children to read more. “What Color, Quilly?” followed by Q and A session and recap.

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School Visits & Readings

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